Champlain Colloquium

Course Name:

Champlain Colloquium



David Hackett Fischer (invited)


Coordinator: Matthew Witten - 802-475-2022 x106


LCMM and Saint Michael's College


Aug. 1, 2019 (additional programming may be scheduled for Jul. 31 & Aug. 2)


The Champlain Colloquium is a forum for academics and high school teachers to discuss research on the life and times of Samuel de Champlain, with a special emphasis on how themes from the 17th century are still relevant today. Themes will include:

  • The evolving perspectives on commemorations (such as statues of Champlain)
  • Champlain’s views on and practices with indigenous peoples; new research on Samuel de Champlain and Henri IV
  • Champlain, master cartographer, artist and navigator.

A primary goal of the Champlain Colloquium is to help teachers actively engage their students in lines of inquiry and field trips that bring alive the influence and legacy of French culture on the North American continent.


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