Metal Arts

Workshops at LCMM are taught by skilled instructors in small group settings. Most Workshops are geared for those with little to no experience in the field.

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Blacksmithing at LCMM began in 1989 during construction of the replica 1776 gunboat Philadelphia II. Since the hardware store does not carry fittings for Revolutionary War gunboats, LCMM staff and volunteers began to create ironwork for the replica. An eighteenth-century style forge was built on site, with a central stone chimney and hearth, a massive, hand-operated bellows of wood and leather hanging from the ceiling, and cast iron anvil secured in a sturdy stump. Today, the eighteenth-century style forge is still used to introduce thousands of school kids each year to the craft of blacksmithing, and LCMM offers a variety of Metal Arts Workshops for teens and adults year round in specialized facilities.

Beginner Blacksmithing

This weekend-long class is open to students with no prior forging experience. You will have an opportunity learn the basic tools and their uses, managing a coal forge/fire, and several controlled hand forging techniques. If you have some prior experience feel free to join as well in order to enhance your skills, explore new techniques, and perhaps create an heirloom.

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This two-day course will teach students how to forge a hidden tang knife blade including the basics of how to heat-treat and temper blades. Each student goes home with a complete knife.

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Bronze Casting

Join us for a one-day hands-on introduction to the sand casting process. Participants will experience sand casting bronze objects by doing it themselves: ramming up the mold, attaching gates and vents, lighting the furnace, and pouring the molten metal. By the end of the day they will have enough experience to be able to purchase equipment and supplies to begin working on their own.

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