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Sloop Island Canal Boat (Wreck Z)

Part of the Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve System , freely available to any certified SCUBA diver. Please Register Annually to dive this system.

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Perspective drawing of Sloop Island Canal Boat
Sloop Island Canal Boat

The Sloop Island Canal Boat is a standard canal boat from the last generation of canal boats on Lake Champlain. The Champlain Canal locks expanded over time, and with them the size of canal boats. At 97 feet long and 17½ feet wide, the Sloop Island Canal Boat was built after the 1873 canal expansion. Standard canal boats had no independent means of propulsion, and were towed by mules or horses in the canal and by a steamboat or tug on Lake Champlain.

The name and exact details of the sinking of the Sloop Island Canal Boat are unknown. An archaeological study in 2002-2003 indicated that the boat sank in distress around 1915. The entire artifact collection from the cabin was recovered and conserved, and a selection placed on exhibit at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum's Basin Harbor facility. The artifacts suggest that a family consisting of a man, woman and at least one child lived on board. An entire household of goods is represented: glassware, dishes, silverware, a woolen coat, and woodworking tools. The cargo hold is filled with bituminous coal mined in western Pennsylvania. Timbers removed from the cabin are stored in the hold below the walkways: please do not disturb.

For more information on this vessel's documentation, visit the Maritime Research Institute's Archaeological Projects pages.

Ships wheel of the Sloop Island Canal Boat
The canal boat's wheel still lies on deck.

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