September 10, 2007

Ship's Log - Troy-Albany


John Tichonuk has been involved with many LCMM events over the past years. He joined the schooner Lois McClure volunteer crew for several weeks on the Grand Journey of 2005 as well as the Grand Canal Journey of 2007.

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Photo by Barbara Bartley
The Troy Bridge

Troy, NY. September 10, 2007

When we arrived at Troy at about 10:30 AM we were greeted by camera crews. I thought this was quite a welcome, but to my dismay they were shooting a movie, Against the Current, which didn't include us. Oh well.

Lois docked and we opened to the general public from noon to three. Office workers on their lunch break were greeted to a new sight and experience along the Troy waterfront. Two local newspapers stopped by to get the scoop and published articles that helped boost attendance in our next port of call. We cast off our lines and were underway to Albany by 3:30 PM that afternoon.

Photo by Leo Straight
Schooner Lois McClure at the Erastus Corning Riverfront Park Dock

Albany, NY. September 11, 2007

Thunderstorms, wind & heavy rain greeted us when we arose this morning. There were two school groups scheduled this morning. Unfortunately the weather forced one group, which was walking from a local school, to cancel. The second group came despite the weather. With sheets of rain still pouring from the sky the decision was made to alter our program and host the entire class below deck in the cargo hold. Our crew took turns sharing canal stories. The feeling of having the entire group together in the hold was very special. We received lots of positive feedback for our program and our flexibility. As the skies lightened we opened the boat to the public from noon to six.

Photo by Leo Straight
Albany City

Albany, NY. September 12, 2007

Today was partly cloudy, mild wind and slightly chilly. Two sizable school groups from Cohoes, NY came for programs. While half the group visited Lois McClure the other half went to the Albany Heritage Area Visitors' Center. The exchange program worked well for all parties. We once again opened for general boarding that afternoon. Being a more pleasant day the office buildings of downtown Albany dumped their employees for afternoon strolls along the waterfront. Several New York State archaeologists and conservators visited us for a great exchange of information. Crew who had time off visited the incredible New York State Museum. This journey has been quite an educational experience for the entire crew as well as the public who visited the Lois McClure.

Generosity Abounds!

Thank You!

Art's cousin, for the wonderful variety of breakfast donuts, bagels and cream cheese spreads throught our stay in Albany.

City of Albany for the restroom facilities.

Mark Bruno, Terry Hurley and the Port of Albany for docking facilities and security.

Carol Ann Margolis and the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center

Phone: 802-475-2022