September 7, 2007

Ship's Log - Waterford


Barbara Bartley is retired from her various employs, including bank secretary, newspaper typist, deputy sheriff, and jail matron. She enjoys camping, hiking, and visits with her grandchildren, and is actively studying her family's genealogy. She joins the crew of Lois McClure as a volunteer.

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Photo by Kerry Batdorf
The RT 87/Northway Bridge over the Mohawk River.

September 4
It is a great pleasure for me to be back aboard the Lois McClure during the last three weeks of the 2007 Grand Journey through the Erie Canal to Buffalo and back and to once again crew with many of the friends I made during the 2005 Journey.

This year I joined the crew at Amsterdam, late on Tuesday. We stayed there overnight and on Wednesday we traveled on to reach Lock 7, Niscayuna, around 3:30 PM. and stayed the night. Thursday, after going through the flight of locks we pulled into the Old Champlain Canal just before the lock at Waterford and tied up just past the old "side cut" This is the weekend of the 9th Annual Tugboat Roundup.

Friday evening our crew was graciously entertained and dined at the home of John Callaghan and his charming wife, Jennifer. We met many of the tug captains and crews. After dinner, Captain Roger Taylor, his wife, Kathleen, and I leisurely walked back to the Lois along the wall where we looked over all the arriving tugs.

Photo by Barbara Batdorf
Tugboat Roundup Parade

Saturday morning all the tugs went down to Albany to gather and form a parade. They then paraded up to Waterford and arrived to a large welcoming crowd. It was a great parade to watch. As each tug arrived at the wall in Waterford they were treated to a greeting of spray by the fire department. Our own Lois McClure crew member Chris McClain, in her traditional Scottish kilt, was aboard the Chancellor and was piping the tugs to their docking. It was extremely hot and humid, above and below deck, as we welcomed the public aboard. The fireworks in the evening were spectacular. They did start a little earlier than planned as the weather was deteriorating rapidly. Toward the end of the fireworks we were treated to an even larger display, by Mother Nature, of thunder and lightning. Sunday at the awards ceremonies, our tug C L Churchill was chosen to be awarded the title of Best Vintage Tug.

Photo by Barbara Bartley
Old Canal Above Lock 2 At Waterford

I am especially glad to be here at Waterford as great-grandfather-in law-Theodore Bartley stopped here often in his three boats, Mary Eva, Reuben Barton, and David Goddard, during his twenty nine years on the canal. In fact, one entry in his journals mentioned an incident that happened at the weighlock building that was here. It seems Theodore witnessed a disgruntled canaler who stopped in at the weighlock building and disagreed with the person in charge and then hit him. Theodore then witnessed others who beat up the aggressor. It was a great thrill for me to walk the old tow path to the site of that weighlock building, to take pictures and to recall that bit of history.

Saturday evening we were given a "thank you" party aboard the Lois by the members and their families of our primary partners/sponsors The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. One of the highlights of the party was the presentation to Art Cohn of a print for the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum titled The Old Erie Canal, of a barge in Lock 33, [the Annie Lauri] circa 1895, by L. F. Tontillo 1987.

Photo by Barbara Bartley
Day Peckenpaugh

While at Waterford many of our crew were able to take a tour, guided by our friend Duncan Hay, on board the Day Peckenpaugh which was also tied up at Waterford but not open to the public. She was built in 1921 and is now being restored. She was the first self-propelled barge built for the new Barge Canal system.

Generosity Abounds!

Thank You!

Dick Hurst and the Waterford Harbor Visitor Center

Town of Waterford and the Waterford Maritime Historical Society for presenting the 9th Annual Tugboat Roundup and all the associated festivities.

John Callaghan and his family for opening his home and backyard to us for a wonderful dinner.

Lori Duell and other members of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor for the evening "Thank You" party.

Mike, a canal side Waterford resident, Thank You for providing shore power to us from your garage!

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