August 21, 2007

Ship's Log - Oswego


Churchill Hindes and his son Jeffrey are 6th and 7th generation Vermonters whose family once owned a standard canal boat out of Vergennes, the J. G. Hindes. Both enjoy boating on Lake Champlain.

Church is the President of the Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties.

Jeff teaches middle school social studies at the Shelburne Community School and during the summer is a captain on Lake Champlain Transportation Company's cruise and tour boat Northern Lights.

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Photo by Gary Fischer
Lock gates opening to Lake Ontario

MONDAY, August 20
Monday dawned cool and overcast. After a relaxed morning of sipping warm drinks and watching the fish feed we assembled for our morning briefing on deck. We pulled off from the wall at 9:00 AM with a chorus of "Off we go to Oswego!" and proceeded into lock 3, a big drop of 27 feet. In all, we locked through five times between Fulton and Oswego. At each lock we were met with friendly lock tenders and curious and appreciative locals.

As the big doors of lock 8 creaked open, we could see Lake Ontario. We had made it to Oswego. Our first order of business was pumping out and taking on diesel for the Churchill. (All this was done under the careful watch of our Coast Guard escort.) After all was secured and the tug moved around to the starboard side, we proceeded with our USCG escort to our spot alongside the H. Lee White Maritime Museum and astern the WW2 tug Major Elisha K Henson. The Henson is a lovingly restored vessel that saw action on D-Day off Omaha Beach where she was credited with shooting down a Nazi fighter plane.

Photo by Gary Fischer
H. Lee White Maritime Museum

Once we were secured to the pier, the crew was treated to a delicious late lunch of homemade hash and eggs. With our bellies full we turned our attention to setting up the gangways and setting up the retail tent. Just as we had finished, a welcoming committee brought an "Oswego goodie bag" for each member of the crew-with treats and coupons (including ones for fresh bagels and Green Mountain coffee) from local businesses.

With a clearing sky over the lake and most of the heavy lifting of setup complete, most of the crew set off to explore the city of Oswego.

Photo by Gary Fischer
Wind turbine blades ready for shipping.(Note: vehicle parked near tip of blades.)

TUESDAY, August 21
We passed a quiet starry night tucked inside the breakwater, the horizon punctuated by the regular flashing of the lamp in the lighthouse. Those who woke up early today were treated to a brilliant sunrise over Fort Ontario on the east side of the Oswego River, accompanied by the whine of fishing boats heading out to chase the game fish.

Generosity Abounds!

Photo by Gary Fischer
Fort Oswego

Thank You!

Port of Oswego Authority

Mercedes Niess, Associate Director, Dick Drosse and the H. Lee White Marine Museum

Dick Pfund and the Oswego Maritime Alliance

Port City Preservation

Oswego County Tourism Office

City of Oswego


Port City Cafe

Off Street Bagelry

Coleman's Irish Pub

Aunt Mary's Cookies

King Arthur's Restaurant

Incredible Vin Man

US Coast guard

Phone: 802-475-2022