July 27, 2005 Lois McClure
Ship's Log


Don and Marty (pictured here) Dewees
Don is a retired exhibits and facilities manager for LCMM who helped initiate the Burlington Schooner Project. He is a skilled craftsman who among other things, repairs boats out of home in Ferrisburgh. Marty is a professor of social work at the University of Vermont. They join the crew of Lois McClure this week as volunteers.

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July 27, 2005 Poughkeepsie, New York
Don and Marty Dewees

The Lois McClure enjoyed a gala reception on the evening of our arrival in Poughkeepsie, courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce, Cabot Cheese, the Mayor, and other local dignitaries. Beginning the next morning, 2500 local residents weathered the heat and the wave causing wakes as they climbed aboard during our four-day stay. Many had never been on a boat before and several became repeat visitors, bringing friends and relatives (lots of kids!) with them. We also saw 140 children from the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, as well as a large group from a local day care before our public hours started. Large families, especially, appreciated our open, no cost admission policy along with the efforts of the crew in explaining the history, mechanics, and experience of life on the canals in the 19th century.

In the midst of picnickers, spirited band playing in the park, the colorful blinking lights of the Mid-Hudson Bridge, boat traffic on the river, and the replica Hudson River sloop, Clearwater (tied up nearby), we felt part of the life of the city. Our crew was relatively small for the week, but volunteer rigger Bob Dollar reinforced it by demonstrating how to make traditional rope fenders in the tent on shore. Other highlights included the popularity of our Lake Champlain Chocolate supply, some wonderful local sweet corn, and a supper of delicious gourmet Italian deli raviolis. In spite of the steamy weather, which continued as we departed for Beacon on Monday, we had a grand visit in Poughkeepsie!

The Mid-Hudson Children's Museum strives to awaken children's intellectual curiosity and inspire creative approaches to problem solving through interactive educational experiences where all children and families can play, learn and grow together. Visit them on the historic waterfront of Poughkeepsie, NY.
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