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Reenactors operate the replica gunboat Philadelphia II

LCMM Faculty & Staff



Co-Executive Directors - Joyce Cameron,  Administrative Operations
                                     Erick Tichonuk, Museum Operations & Schooner Lois McClure
LCMM Co-Founder, Professor Emeritus & Senior Consultant - Arthur B. Cohn
Advancement & Membership Coordinator/Administrative Assistant - Addison Gibbs
Bookkeeper, Information Technology Specialist - Rebekah Condon


Collections and Exhibits

Director of Collections - Eloise Beil, MA


Education & Interpretation


Public School Liaison –  Matt Witten, MS
Director of Outdoor Education - Nick Patch
Ecology Programs Director, Summer Programs Director - Elizabeth Lee
Associate Director of Education and Outreach - Kris Jarrett
Education Specialists - Dale Henry, Charlie Beyer, Ben Mayock, Len Ruth
Champlain Discovery Trip Leader - Lucy Holmes
Archaeology Programs Coordinator - Evan Karge
Operations Assistant - Lane Kessler
Volunteer Coordinator, Summer Camp Logistics - Elisa Nelson
AmeriCorp Service Members - Matt Harrison, Allyson Ropp, MS, Roz Wilcox


Marketing and Visitor Services

Community Relations Manager
- Eloise Beil
Special Events, Photography & Digital Media, Webmaster - Kris Jarrett
Gateway Museum Store Manager - Lisa Percival
Special Projects - Dean Percival

Maritime Research Institute

Archaeological Director
- Christopher R. Sabick
Underwater Archaeologist/Project Developer - Jenny Craig, PhD
Senior Advisor, Special Projects -  Arthur B. Cohn
Archaeological Divers - Pierre A. LaRocque, Ron Adams
Historian - A. Peter Barranco, Jr.
Boat Captain and Remote Sensing Specialist - Frederick Fayette

Schooner Lois McClure Crew

Director/Captain - Erick Tichonuk
Tugboat Captain - Art Cohn
Boatswain, Education Specialist - Len Ruth
Boatbuilder, Ship's Carpenter - Kerry Batdorf
Logistics - Chris McClain
Interpreter / Logistics & Volunteer Coordinator - Elisa Nelson


LCMM Board of Trustees

Governing Board

Chairman - Robert H. Beach, Jr (LCMM Co-Founder)
Vice Chairman -  Sean Dunphy
Secretary -  Bonnie Ferro
Treasurer – Jeffry Glassberg


Tom Alderman
Francine Bazluke
Steve Francisco
Anne Hansen
Gregg Marston
Stuart Meyer
Heather Moore
Celine Paquette
Dana vanderHeyden

Advisory Board

William Cimonetti
Ed Colodny
Galen Dow
John DuBrul, III
Frances Foster
William Gilbert
Darcey Hale
Sandy Jacobs
Tom Moody
Nick Muller
Patrick Robins
Jan Rozendaal
Bill Truex, Jr.