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Welcome to LCMM's School Family Pass Program

This new program provides each family in your school with a free family admission to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum good from May 25 through October 13, 2013. We hope that you and your family will enjoy visiting the Maritime Museum and will take advantage of the exciting educational opportunities that the museum offers: Visit Us!

Participation in the School Pass program is for students and their parents, as well as faculty and staff members and their families.  The pass entitles each family to:

How Does It Work?
Your school purchases family passes on an incremental fee schedule - the cost is proportional to the size of the school. With your enrollment, we will send to you enough Family Passes for each family and staff member. Parents will be asked to fill out a simple contact form so that we can monitor usage and keep families informed of special events and educational opportunities.  The School Family Pass is good from May 25 through October 13, 2013.  Daily educational activities are offered throughout the season.

How Do You Apply?
We recognize that schools are confronting serious time limitations and financial challenges.  Many core programs, and anything that is considered extra, are being cut from school budgets.  That is why we are making this offer directly to families through their school’s parent organization.  It is our goal to continue our educational mission, despite the time limitations and financial challenges facing schools, by making access to the museum and its programs even easier and more affordable. 

We hope this is an invitation too good to refuse.  Come and discover what’s new this summer at LCMM.  We want students to be able to bring their parents back to the museum following a field trip.  We want teachers and staff members to use the museum as a resource in planning instruction. We want the families of our community to enjoy learning adventures with us.  We want to build stronger relationships with our educational partners and to share one of the best days of your summer vacation. Visit Us!

To enroll your school in the School Family Pass program, or if you have any questions about the program, contact the Education Department at 802-475-2022. We look forward to hearing from you.