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Rabble in Arms

Reenactors aboard Philadelphia II

1812 Reenactment

August 6-7, 2016

Rabble in Arms 2016

August 6-7, 2016

Battle each day at 1 pm
Talk: Printing in the 18th Century, daily at 3 pm
Camp is open from 10-5 Saturday, and 10-4 Sunday

Benedict Arnold's Gunboat Comes Alive!
Join the crew of Philadelphia II as we return to the roots of our Rabble in Arms Reenactment, exploring life aboard a gunboat of the American Revolution and learning about her and her crew's place in the pivotal Battle of Valcour Island of 1776.

This event at LCMM takes its name from the historical novel Rabble in Arms by Kenneth Roberts. Roberts’ story focuses on the lives of the people caught up in the bitter northern battles of the American Revolution, and vividly illuminates the experience of Benedict Arnold’s fleet confronting the British Royal Navy on Lake Champlain.

The Rabble in Arms Weekend at LCMM is an opportunity for the public to share the ongoing experimental archaeological research that began with the construction and sea trials of the replica gunboat Philadelphia II. A full crew of 44 re-enactors works aboard the Philadelphia II to learn more about the eighteenth-century style vessel and life on board, and recreates a dramatic scenario based on original journals and letters of people who were with the fleet on Lake Champlain in 1776.

Over the years, we have found that taking part in such reenactments of historical events stimulates reflection on conflict and cooperation, encourages connects, and inspires discussion of our own lives and values. We invite you to join us.

Learn how 26 pieces of lead printing type changed the course of the American Revolution during an informative and entertaining discussion of colonial printers, their secrets, and their penchant for stirring up trouble for the Crown. At Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Rabble in Arms Weekend August 6-7, master letterpress printer Ronald Kermani will show how colonial printers set type, printed pamphlets by hand one at a time, and distributed these thought-provoking anti-British missives throughout the colonies. “During the Revolution, the printing press was as powerful as the largest army in defeating the British,” Kermani asserts.

During the program, Kermani will handset lead printing type and print Revolutionary War-style items on the museum’s vintage hand press. Attend his session and you may receive a personalized printed souvenir of the Rabble in Arms weekend! Along the way, you can learn about the history of printing, the invention of moveable metal type and printing presses in Europe, and the introduction of the printing craft to the Colonies. Kermani became immersed in typography and printing while studying at Syracuse University. Along the way, he has taught graphic arts and letterpress printing, founded the award-winning Kermani Press, and amassed a sizeable collection of antique wood and metal foundry types which he donated to the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Want to learn more about Nautical Archaeology? A selection of maps, documents, and photographs from the collection of Lake Champlain historian Peter Barranco provides glimpses into the Battle of Valcour Island, the War of 1812, Lake Champlain’s steamboats, and the ten-year sonar survey of Lake Champlain’s 300+ shipwrecks.

Adult $12
Seniors $11
Youth 6-17 $8
Children 5 & under Free
Members Free

Your LCMM admission ticket gets you 20% off your food bill at the neighboring Red Mill Restaurant - serving Lunch & Dinner!

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Reenactors interested in attending, please contact Kris Jarrett,