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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2010
Contact: Arthur Cohn, Executive Director, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
4472 Basin Harbor Road, Vergennes, VT  05491, (802) 475-2022

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Withdraws from Moran Redevelopment Project

Vergennes, Vt ‐ The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (LCMM) is formally withdrawing as a tenant from the Moran Redevelopment Project. 

Architect's drawing of the proposed Moran redevelopment
Architect's drawing of the proposed Moran redevelopment.
Image courtesy of CEDO.

The LCMM was selected by the City of Burlington in spring 2010 to occupy 7,000 square feet of the former generating plant on the Burlington waterfront with the installation of a museum using Lake Champlain’s collection of historic shipwrecks as its theme.

"The City of Burlington has done an outstanding job putting together a sound plan for redeveloping the Moran site, but the Maritime Museum has significant concerns about our ability to raise sufficient funds to participate in the project and the long-term financial sustainability of a future Moran maritime museum site.  We felt our continued participation in the project, given our funding concerns, was not helpful to the City in meeting their overall goal of redeveloping the Moran site,” commented Art Cohn, Executive Director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.  “The Museum continues to support the Moran Redevelopment Project, and Moran will be an important attraction for the Burlington waterfront and the entire Champlain Valley.  We expect that the City will have little difficultly filling our space given the appeal of the location.” stated LCMM Board Chairman Sandy Jacobs. 

"The Maritime Museum is especially indebted to the many people and organizations that have assisted us over the last year.  We would like to thank Mayor Kiss, the Burlington City Council, the staff of CEDO, David White of White and Burke, Freeman French Freeman, the Community Sailing Center, and Ice Factor.  We would like to especially thank all of the city residents who encouraged us to pursue Moran.  Although we won’t be a tenant at Moran, we are looking forward to a continued presence on the waterfront with our fleet of rowing gigs and the schooner Lois McClure at Perkins Pier,” stated Art Cohn.