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There are more than a dozen exhibit buildings at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum at Basin Harbor. These present the maritime history and nautical archeology of the Champlain Valley through hands-on interactive learning stations, video and audio displays, historical artifacts and images. Long term exhibitions are enhanced by new research, new acquisitions and special short-term installations each season.

Visitors examine an 18th century
anchor in the Key to Liberty exhibit.

Ongoing Exhibits

Special Exhibits


LCMM serves as a regional repository where collections that reflect the maritime heritage of the Champlain Valley can be preserved, interpreted and shared. The museum’s rapidly growing permanent collection consists of some 15,000 objects, images and documents that powerfully communicate the history of Lake Champlain. Over half of the collection is shared directly with the public through the museum’s publications, exhibitions and educational materials. Other materials are retained for their importance to the museum’s work in research and documentation.

The majority of the museum’s objects, research resources, works of art, and images, have been given to LCMM, often after passing through several generations of local families, or as gifts from people and organizations who are eager to support the museum’s work. If you would like to donate or share an object, collection or historical image with LCMM, please contact Eloise Beil, Director of Collections and Exhibits at

Since 1998, the Leo Cox Beach Philanthropic Foundation has provided grants to support computerization of information and historical images from LCMM’s collections.