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Maritime Research Institute

Where is the Maritime Research Institute?

A museum diver documents the Sloop Island Canal Boat
A museum diver documents the Sloop Island Canal Boat.

The Maritime Research Institute (MRI) is the research arm of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Formed in 2000, MRI is a reflection of LCMM’s role in regional, national, and even international archaeological research and policymaking as it relates to underwater cultural heritage. It permits our talented team of archaeologists, conservators, and historians to conduct high-quality research, and allows us to better connect the public with the priceless cultural resources that lie underwater.

The Maritime Research Institute is involved in four primary areas of underwater cultural resource study and management. These include archaeologic projects on Lake Champlain and beyond, conservation of artifacts recovered in our Conservation Lab, assisting in the management of shipwrecks on Lake Champlain, including those in the Underwater Historic Preserve System, and providing archaeological services to other organizations.

Nautical Archaeology Field School

Nautical Archaeology Field School

A field school experience is a critical component for any student pursuing a career path in nautical archeology. The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is hosting a rigorous two-week program that offers a mix of both academic instruction and hands-on underwater archaeological research.  The diving sessions will teach practical underwater skills using both traditional documentation techniques and cutting-edge technology, while the classroom component will provide students with an opportunity to train in GIS, study CRM practices, and learn about local history and artifact conservation methods.
Read more about our Field School.


Conservation Lab

The Conservation Laboratory at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is a year-round artifact treatment facility that is open to the public during the museum season. The lab is currently working on preserving artifacts from a variety of regional archaeology projects. Lake Champlain Museum visitors have the rare opportunity to see conservation as it happens, and to ask questions about the treatment process.

In addition to its educational value, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Conservation Laboratory is available to assist institutions in the assessment and stabilization of their historic and archaeological collections. The laboratory is staffed with trained professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to the long-term preservation of historical objects. Read more about the Conservation Lab, ongoing projects, and how to solicit our services.

Archaeological Projects

Archaeological Services

The Maritime Research Institute provides high-quality underwater cultural resource management services to the public and private sectors. Our team of archaeologists, historians, and conservators have unsurpassed expertise their fields. We can provide consulting services in the evaluation, documentation, and management of submerged cultural resources. After the fieldwork is completed, we can supply a full array of artifact conservation services through our Conservation Laboratory. Read more about our full range of Archaeological Services.


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