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Archaeological Services

The Maritime Research Institute provides high-quality underwater cultural resource management services to the public and private sectors. Our team of archaeologists, historians, and conservators have unsurpassed expertise their fields. We can provide consulting services in the evaluation, documentation, and management of submerged cultural resources. After the fieldwork is completed, we can supply a full array of artifact conservation services through our Conservation Laboratory.

Archaeological Documentation

Our experience in documenting submerged sites expands well past Lake Champlain. The staff of the Maritime Research Institute has been involved in archaeological projects around the country and world.

Since 1986 the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum has conducted dozens of archaeological studies, ranging from multi-year remote sensing surveys to the Phase III study of individual shipwrecks. In these studies we combine efficient work practices with our desire to leave behind a legacy of thorough and meaningful scholarship. The resulting work products will be of us to generations of researchers.

Our dive experience includes working in cold water, black water, and lake and ocean conditions. Members of our dive team are trained in Tri-Mix diving procedures, extending the depth and time limits of our diving operations. Operational equipment includes digital and high eight underwater video cameras, Nikonos V underwater cameras, and digital goniometers.

We have experience helping organizations comply with regulations concerning the identification and protection of cultural resources from federally and state funded activities. These regulations include Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, Executive Order 11593, the National Environmental Policy Act, Advisory Council Procedures for the Protection of Historic and Cultural Properties, and the Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act.

Christopher Sabick, Archaeological Director | (802) 475-2022, x110