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Volunteer modelmaker Win Lewis
Volunteer Rod Scott (left) works with museum staff member
Dean Percival (right) to ready the Unsworth Motor Collection
for exhibit. Thanks, Rod!

Volunteers - We Need You!

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s dedicated volunteers play a key role in preserving and sharing the history of Lake Champlain. Every year more than 200 volunteers, ranging in age from junior high school students to retired senior citizens, contribute over 8,500 hours of service to the museum. The annual dollar value of volunteer contributions of time, energy, expertise, and skills is estimated to be almost $120,000; the true value is incalculable!

We have always taken pride that, by the very nature of the museum, we can find a job that will best fit the time, talent, and interest of each and every volunteer. This year, we’re making a special appeal to anyone who might be interested in helping with the following:

Gateway Store: Greeting and Sales
Conservation Laboratory
Exhibit and Site Interpreters
Special Events
On-Water Ecology Assistance
Buildings and Grounds
Museum Representatives at Community Events
Membership Program Assistance

We have many other volunteer needs. We will attempt to match these with your interests; get ready for a busy season of visitations, courses, workshops, special events, and school programs!


How to get started

Fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch soon to match you with a program:



Full Mailing Address:

Phone Number:

Special Interests and Skills: List your special skills,
interests, or avocational pursuits to help us find the
right match between our volunteer needs and your interests.

Employment/Volunteer History: Tell us a little about what you do for work, and where you've volunteered before.

Availability - tell us what day(s) or times you might be available:


Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

We always have a need for volunteers. We have a broad range of opportunities, only a fraction of which are listed here:

Why Volunteer?

LCMM volunteers truly make a difference in the ability of the museum to successfully carry out its mission. But helping to preserve and share the history of Lake Champlain is just one of the many reasons why people volunteer at LCMM.

To Volunteer at LCMM Contact:

Elisa Nelson
(802) 475-2022
(802) 475-2953 (fax)
LCMM Volunteer Program
4472 Basin Harbor Road
Vergennes, VT 05491