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Young Mariners

Programs specifically designed for youngsters, ages PreK-3.

Boats, Boats, Boats - Field Trip

Students try out different boat types

1.5-hour field trip program held at the Museum’s Basin Harbor site
Grades Pre-K–3 (maximum 30 participants)

From birch bark canoes to ice boats, Lake Champlain has a long maritime history. Discover why boats float and how they are powered in this hands-on program. Climb aboard and explore different watercraft. See how boats are made and learn the language of the mariner.

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Ship Shape - Outreach
45 minute outreach program
For grades pre-K to 3rd (maximum 30 participants)

Students learn why boats float in this discovery session for primary grades. Using a specially designed tank, the Museum educator will lead the students in experiments of buoyancy, displacement, and how shape makes a difference in floating and sinking. Students then divide into small groups to conduct experiments using foil boats they create themselves.

Champlain Troubadour: Songs and Stories of Lake Champlain - Outreach

LCMM's Champlain Troubadour sings in the classroom
Champlain Troubadour Matt Witten
sings to a group of students.

45 minute–1 hour outreach program
Grades Pre-K–5 (maximum 30 participants)

Songs and Stories of Lake Champlain is a fun and educational exploration into the local lore of Lake Champlain and its surroundings. Our Champlain Troubadour (Matt Witten) performs a variety of stories and songs from different traditions to engage the audience in song, movement, and the excitement of people's adventures and follies in the lake environment. His stories depict the lives of common folk (including animals) and their sometimes heroic and often amusing exploits. Enter the world of Wind Eagle, Horse Ferries, Odziozo, Swimming Chipmunks, Alien Plankton, and more! Accompanied by guitar, banjo, ukulele, or accordion, the Champlain Troubadour’s songs usually include movement as well as singing along.

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