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Stem to Stern Education

Planting the Seeds of Forest Stewardship

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum crew and educators carry the values of forest stewardship and reverence for wood. At each port and school we visit, we will involve students in hands-on activities exploring forest ecosystems, the history of forestry, different uses for wood products, and the crucial role the forest plays in fostering clean water, soil health, and rich habitat.

Schooner Lois McClure will transport a crop of seedlings to be planted in communities along the schooner’s route in partnership with the NY DEC Trees for Tribs program which promotes the protection of water quality through the establishment and restoration of stream-side forest buffers.

Canal Schooner Lois McClure - Field Trip

LCMM educator works with students aboard Lois McClure
Students handle lines
aboard the replica schooner Lois McClure.

See her tour schedule for times and locations of Lois McClure's availaibility.
Grades 4+ (maximum 48 students)

Visit the forgotten lives of the canalers as you step aboard their home and business. Using the time capsule Lois McClure, a working replica of an 1862-class canal schooner, students will experience life aboard these unique working watercraft during this dockside program. Tour the cabin (living quarters), cargo hold, forecastle and main deck of the vessel. Discover what types of cargos were carried, crew living conditions, roles of children, hazards of canal boat life and towing and sailing operations.

Download our free Pre- & Post-Visit Lesson Plans.

Lake Sailor: Merchants and Mariners on Lake Champlain - Outreach

LCMM educator moves a boat's location in the Lake Sailor game
Chance and skill determine the outcome
in the Lake Sailor game.

1 hour 15 minute outreach program
Grades 5+ (maximum 25 participants)

Our educator will give an illustrated presentation describing life and business on Lake Champlain in the 19th century. Then teams of students form “crews” and “operate” their own canal boats on Lake Champlain, making decisions about where to travel and what cargo to carry. The outcome of their decisions and the weather will determine economic prosperity or bankruptcy.

The Canal Era on the Northern Waterway - Outreach
50 minute outreach program
Grades 4+ (maximum 60 participants)

Students will discover the historical background of the canal boat era (1819–1940) in the Champlain Valley. Learn about the legacy of shipwrecks from the commercial period and how the study of sailing canal boats led to the creation of the historic replica of an 1862-class canal schooner, Lois McClure.

Canalers Afloat: The Champlain Waterway’s Unique Maritime Community, 1819–1940 - Resource

Cover of Canalers Afloat curriculum - Click for the table of contents
Click on the image
to see the Table of Contents.

Travel back in time to the dynamic era when canals transformed communities, commerce and culture in the northeastern United States. The revised edition of LCMM's canal era curriculum, written by historian and archaeologist Scott McLaughlin, is an exciting multi-disciplinary resource for elementary and middle schools (Pre-K–8) that can be used to teach history, archaeology, writing, art, music, geography, and math skills. Each of the 15 standards-based units features separate activities for Grades Pre-K-4 and Grades 5-8, using historic documents, oral histories, archaeological discoveries, and photographs. A dozen appendices put additional resources at your fingertips: chapter links to Vermont and NY learning standards, grading rubric, glossary of historical and nautical terms, timeline of events and inventions from 1800-1940, and more. Click on image to view table of contents.

Cost: 640-page education curriculum $40, plus shipping.

The Phoenix Kit - Resource

In 1819, the steamboat Phoenix mysteriously caught fire during a routine trip down Lake Champlain. Six of the forty-six passengers lost their lives. Primary documents are used to study this dramatic event in Lake Champlain’s history. The kit also includes video, books, artifacts, maps, and more.

Cost: $20 for 2-week loan (delivery not included).