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Colonial and Revolutionary War Programs

1776: The Revolutionary War in the Champlain Valley

LCMM educator and a student at the bow of Philadelphia II
Students aboard the replica gunboat Philadelphia II.

2.5-hour field trip program held at the Museum’s Basin Harbor site
Grades 4+ (maximum 48 students)

The 18th Century Man: Boat Builder

LCMM educator visits a classroom as a boatbuilder
LCMM educator brings 18th-century
boat building to the classroom.

1 hour outreach program
For grades 2 and up (maximum 45 students)


The 18th Century Man: Militiaman
1 hour outreach program
Grades 2+ (maximum 45 students)

18th century map of Lake Champlain
18th-century map of Lake Champlain,
by cartographer Brassier.

The Northern Theatre of a Revolution
1 hour outreach program
Grades 4+ (maximum 60 students)


The Philadelphia Kit - Resource

Philadelphia Kit including caulking tools, knot tying, and rigging plans
Explore the building of the northern fleet
in your own classroom.

Learn the story of the gunboat Philadelphia and the defense of Lake Champlain in 1776 through this collection of materials and activities. The kit includes books, video, building plans, rigging plans, and hands-on opportunities for traditional skills such as knot tying, caulking, rigging and rope work.
Cost: $20 for 2-week loan (delivery not included).

Key to Liberty and A Tale of Three Gunboats Video - Resource
The story of Key to Liberty (15 minutes) is told from the perspective of Bayze Wells, First Officer of the American gunboat Providence. View the re-enactment of the Battle of Valcour Island in 1776, featuring the gunboat Philadelphia. In Part II, A Tale of Three Gunboats (10 minutes), learn the story of the raising of the original gunboat Philadelphia in 1935, the building and launching of the replica Philadelphia II, and underwater footage of Spitfire, the last gunboat from the 1776 fleet, discovered in 1997.
Cost: $10 for 2-week loan or Purchase the VHS for $10 or DVD for $20 (shipping included).