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View the latest Issue. January 8, 2008.

These archived Educators' Newsletters have loads of great articles. Browse and learn! Each newsletter includes an article entitled "Did You Know?" with interesting information on history and archaeology. We've also included a Featured Resource that you can take back to your classroom as a teaching tool.

Educators' Newsletter - January 8, 2008
-It's Outreach Time Again! Bring LCMM educators to your classroom to share the stories of Lake Champlain
-New Book for Young Readers: Spitfire, by Kate Messner

Educators' Newsletter - September 7, 2007
-The Philadelphia II is back in the water again AND the schooner Lois McClure is at the museum for field trips starting September 25
-Birch Bark Canoes

Educators' Newsletter - June 11, 2007
-Join us as we develop a NEW Lake Champlain Curriculum surrounding Samuel de Champlain's entrance onto the lake that now bears his name.

Educators' Newsletter - November 17, 2006
-British Midshipman Pellew during the Battle of Valcour Island

Educators' Newsletter - August 17, 2006
-New CD Release! Songs and Stories of Lake Champlain
-Horse Powered Ferries on Lake Champlain

Educators' Newsletter - June 13, 2006
-Map of the Northern Waterway Now Available
-Historic Canal Schooner Gleaner from St. Albans

Educators' Newsletter - May 10, 2006
-Students Raise Mast on Philadelphia II
-Simple Machines Aboard Boats

Educators' Newsletter - March 24, 2006
-Lois McClure 2006 North Lake Education Tour
-Teachers' Seminars this Spring

Educators' Newsletter - March 6, 2006
-LCMM Welcomes USS Constitution to Burlington
-Anchor from frigate Confiance conserved at LCMM

Educators' Newsletter—January 16, 2006
-Students Transcribe 19th-Century Lighthouse Keeper's Journals
-Lighthouses on Lake Champlain

Educators' Newsletter—November 28, 2005

-New Curriculum Brings Canal Era to the Classroom
-Champlain Canal Boats

Educators' Newsletter—November 3, 2005

-Free and Subsidized Winter Outreach Programs
-First Female Steamboat Pilot Philomene Daniels, Vergennes, VT

Educators' Newsletter—August 2005
-Museum Reenacts Black Snake Affair
-Smugglers on Lake Champlain

Educators' Newsletter—May 2005
-Lab Conserves 200-Year-Old Bridge Timber
-Bridge on the Ice: An American Defense in 1777