January 08, 2008
Educators' Newsletter
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It's Outreach Time Again!

LCMM's educators are ready! We've put on the snow tires, and loaded up the windshield washer fluid - we're ready to visit your classrooms! We offer outreach programs all winter until April 1st.

AND, we've just gotten word that our sponsors have risen to the challenge again...
We're offering these programs at significantly reduced rates for schools in need. Learn more about Outreach Programs, and Call to book your program! (802) 475-2022.

And we've got programming for every topic and age group:

  • Revolutionary War Studies:
    Boatbuilder or Militiaman: Dressed in period clothing, our educator will talk about the ways of an 18th century boatbuilder or militiaman. Or, we can do a general overview of the Northern Theater of the Revolution
  • 19th Century & the Commercial Era: Learn about the history of the canalers - how they made their living and their lives afloat in the canal system.
  • Nautical Archaeology: What's On the Bottom of Lake Champlain explores the mystery of one of Lake Champlain's shipwrecks. Using the clues of an archaeologist, students figure out the who, what, and why of this historic wreck.
  • For Grades preK-3:
    Ship Shape: Why do boats float? We'll experiment with shapes to see how they affect buoyancy. Prepare to get your hands wet!
    Champlain Troubadour: Singer and storyteller Matt Witten will engage students in the many adventures of the lake environment!

We couldn't do this amazing programming alone! Our supporters make these programs available to schools in need at a free or reduced rate. Thanks to all of them!
Bauer Fabrication, Bobcat Cafe, Bristol Financial Services, DJ's Tree Service & Logging, George W. Mergens Foundation, Lang Associates, Leo Cox Beach Foundation, Mountain Telecom, Inc., Neat Repeats, NRG Systems, and Queen City Printers.

(802) 475-2022


Spitfire, by Kate Messner is a new novel for young readers about the Battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain, and one girl's search for her uncle.

Writes LCMM Director Art Cohn, "We have no higher calling than to share with this next generation the important stories of this country's formation, and in Spitfire, Kate Messner has done a masterful job, utilizing the pivotal naval battle on this frontier lake to tell a real story that will enrich young people's perspective in a very meaningful way."

October, 1776... Twelve-year-old Abigail Smith disguises herself as a boy, steals a leaky rowboat, and sets out to join the American fleet on Lake Champlain. She'll risk her life to find her uncle -- her only living relative and her only hope for a real home.

Young Pascal De Angelis is on board an American ship, awaiting battle with the British when Abigail joins the crew. She introduces herself as Adam Smith and establishes herself as a hard worker and a loyal friend.

Neither Abigail nor Pascal realize just how close they are to one of the bloodiest battles that the Champlain Valley will ever see. And neither can predict how those three days in October will change their lives forever.

Get your copy at LCMM by calling (802) 475- 2022 - $9.95 +s/h
and then get it signed by author Kate Messner! She's offering book signings:

  • January 24: Kindling Words Caravan - Children's Book Authors & Illustrators Tour at Phoenix Books in Essex, NY 4pm - 5pm
  • February 23 : Barnes & Noble, South Burlington, VT, 1pm - 2:30pm

Phone: 802-475-2022