September 7, 2007
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Call for Papers - Last Chance!

Show off your hard work! LCMM is accepting submissions for our curriculum Navigating the Champlain Valley - a multi-disciplinary standards- based resource focused on the history and culture of the lake region, coming out April 2008. This ongoing project will prepare teachers for the upcoming Quadricentennial (the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's entrance onto the lake that now bears his name) as well as exploring the 10,000 years of history and culture in the Champlain Valley prior to his arrival, and the repercussions of that event in the subsequent 400 years.
How to submit your work:
Feel free to give us a call at (802) 475-2022, or email with questions or comments.
Submit your lessons by September 31 to:
OR hard copies to the address at the footer of this email.

We are particularly interested in lessons on:
  • Early explorers of the Champlain Valley
  • Native American life in the Champlain Valley
  • Development of local communities
  • Local archeology
  • Natural History of the region
  • Physics and Chemistry related to the lake and boats
  • Recreation in the Champlain Valley

See what other Quadricentennial projects (like our 1609-era birch bark canoe - see the article to the right) are in the works:
Vermont Quadricentennial
New York State Quadricentennial
Quebec City Quadricentennial



Philadelphia II - back in action!
As the Fall School Season is upon us all, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is thrilled to announce that our replica 1776 gunboat Philadelphia II is back in the water again, where she belongs! After two seasons' worth of hull and rigging repairs, she was re- launched on Saturday August 25 at the waterfalls at Vergennes, Vermont, and is now floating high in the water of North Harbor at LCMM's Basin Harbor Campus. She's ready for programming, so bring your students to study the Revolutionary War in the Champlain Valley - you'll probably still smell the fresh tar!

Lois McClure - at Basin Harbor September 25!
LCMM's other large replica, the 1862 sailing canal boat Lois McClure, returns from her three-month trek across the entire Erie Canal, and will be ready for programming at LCMM's Basin Harbor Campus starting September 25! She departed the Champlain Valley this summer to make the 1,000-mile journey along one of New York State's most historic waterways, the Erie Canal. Don't miss this opportunity to see the schooner and the rest of LCMM's fabulous exhibits this fall.

Field Trips are available on many topics:
  • the American Revolution,
  • the 19th Century and Commercial Era,
  • Nautical Archaeology,
  • Young Mariners (preK - 3),
  • Self-Guided Program
    Book Your Program: (802) 475-2022


    LCMM is offering $1 off per student
    on our guided and self-guided field trip opportunities this fall!
    Hurry - book your program today!
    These programs are offered on a first-come, first- served basis: Call (802) 475-2022. Offer good until October 14 only.


    A traditional birch bark canoe can be built using the bark of only one birch tree? Today, large enough birch trees are difficult to find, so contemporary canoe builders use an additional small bark piece on each side. The bark is cut from the tree and used "inside-out", making the canoe waterproof. Structure is given to the canoe with cedar ribs and interior planking, and the bark and thwart pieces are bound together using spruce roots and pine pitch.

    LCMM has just launched our newest replica: a 1609- era birch bark canoe, constructed by the talented Abenaki boatbuilder Aaron York. This type of canoe was used by Samuel de Champlain when he entered the area in the summer of 1609. We launched this replica in August, kicking off LCMM's participation in the Quadricentennial Celebration, the 400th anniversary of Champlain's arrival to the lake that now bears his name. The canoe and additional interpretive materials are now on display.

    Call to book your self-guide: (802) 475-2022

    Phone: 802-475-2022