June 11, 2007
  Educators' Newsletter
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Attention Teachers! Call for Entries!

LCMM invites teachers to participate in creating
a new curriculum for Lake Champlain.

2009 marks the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's entrance onto the lake that now bears his name. Both New York and Vermont have formed planning commissions for this Lake Champlain Quadricentennial, and we expect that this will be an important focus for communities throughout the region. It will also be an opportunity for local schools to join in the celebration and emphasize instruction about the history and environment of the lake region.

LCMM invites teachers to contribute to the development of curriculum materials on Lake Champlain history. We know that there are outstanding lessons and units already being taught throughout the Champlain Valley's schools. The Maritime Museum would like to recognize the teachers who have spent years developing those resources and facilitate the sharing of materials between schools and districts.

Our goal is to collect, organize, and supplement submissions to compile the most complete curriculum guide ever produced about local history and the Lake Champlain region. It is our expectation that this curriculum guide will be available for teachers by June of 2008 to facilitate planning of instruction leading up to the Quadricentennial celebrations throughout 2009.

If you have a lesson or unit that you are willing to share, we hope that you will submit it for inclusion in the Quadricentenial project. We are particularly interested in lessons on:

  • Early Explorers of the Champlain Valley
  • Native American Life in the Champlain
  • Development of Local Communities
  • Local Archaeology
  • Natural History of the Region
  • Physics and Chemistry Related to the Lake and Boats
  • Recreation in the Champlain Valley

Teachers whose work is selected for inclusion will receive a complementary copy of the entire guide and an opportunity to bring their class to the Museum at no charge. We hope you will consider submitting your good ideas to this effort. We also welcome questions and suggestions for content areas in need of development.

Please send your materials by September 31, 2007 to :
Education Department
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
4472 Basin Harbor Road
Vergennes, Vermont 05753
Electronic submissions to: sarahl@lcmm.org

Phone: 802-475-2022