March 24, 2006
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Canalers Afloat: The Champlain Waterway’s Unique Maritime Community, 1819–1940,
Scott A. McLaughlin

Travel back in time to the dynamic era when canals transformed communities, commerce and culture in the northeastern United States. The revised edition of LCMM's canal era curriculum is an exciting multi- disciplinary resource for elementary and middle schools (Pre-K–8) that can be used to teach history, archaeology, writing, art, music, geography, and math skills. Each of the 15 standards-based units features separate activities using historic documents, oral histories, archaeological discoveries, and photographs. Click on the image to view a table of contents.
$45 includes shipping.

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Take Down a Peg or Two
In post-Armada England, flags and pennants began to play an all-important role in indicating the official rank and status of the ship’s commander, secured to one of a series of small pegs arranged vertically on the mast. The higher the flag was flown from the mast, the higher the honor. When a commander handed over the ship to a subordinate officer, the new commander’s flag would be flown lower down the mast - taken down a peg or two.

From When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay,
by Olivia A. Isil.
Available at LCMM, 802-475-2022.



Lois McClure 2006
North Lake Education Tour

Returning from a triumphant Grand Journey of the Hudson River with over 22,000 visitors, Lois McClure is primed and ready to tour the lake again this year!

Our 1862 canal schooner will be in Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties in Vermont and Clinton County in New York. Our objective is to share this wonderful educational resource with as many students as possible.

Our high quality field trips will be offered at all our ports of call. We can accommodate up to 48 students in this 90-minute program. We're working hard to find sponsors to subsidize programming. Financial help will be offered on a first come, first served, need basis, so please sign up early.

To enhance the learning potential for this program, we're offering
FREE Teachers' Seminars this spring.
A one- hour seminar includes a presentation by Director of Education Erick Tichonuk, entitled "The Canal Schooner Lois McClure, her History, Archaeology, and Voyages", with special emphasis placed on the new curriculum Canalers Afloat: The Champlain Waterway's Unique Maritime Community, 1819-1940, featured to the left. Special giveaways and incentives are available for attendees.

Plattsburgh - Stafford Middle School Auditorium
Wednesday, March 29, 3:30pm
Grand Isle - Folsom School Library
Wednesday, March 29, 6:30pm
Saint Albans - St. Albans City School Elementary Library
Thursday, April 6, 3:30pm

Pricing: FREE!

(Dates of availability for field trips; check our website for general visitation information)
Burlington, VT:
May 3 - June 7 W-F
September 1 - 8 W-F
October 23 - 25 W-F
St. Albans, VT:
September 18 - 27 M-F
Grand Isle, VT:
October 2 - 5 M-F
Plattsburgh, NY:
October 10 - 18 M-F

Pricing : $5/student

Reservations are required.
Call 802-475-2022 to book your field trip.

Phone: 802-475-2022