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The Maritime Museum offers a variety of support services to teachers, students, and school administrators designed to celebrate a ‘maritime theme’ to Personalized Learning Plans – especially targeting TRANSFERABLE SKILLS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, and GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP proficiency based graduation credit requirements. 

We have organized our offerings by topic and by type, to the right. Also note that we offer free lesson plans to help educators prepare students for each field trip, and kits to rent for classroom use.

Getting your students out of the classroom, on the water, discovering history through nautical archaeology, and exploring our region’s beautiful freshwater ecology can lead to increased academic achievement as well as personal growth for your students. Utilizing a Transdisciplinary STEAM approach, LCMM keeps education relevant to students’ lives. 

LCMM offers:

Please ask about our SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP program designed to create year-round collaboration to support student achievement, teacher training, and a “classroom without walls” where students investigate nautical archaeology problems, hands-on construction of submersible vehicles, boat building, charting/map making/GPS, and documentary film making among a variety of other school-year extra- and in-school activities highlighted by a school visit, rowing experiences, or other adventures at our Vergennes, VT, campus. 
Our core values include:

Current In-School Partnership Programs

Thanks to grant funding from Vermont Community Foundation, The Lake Champlain Basin Program and other private foundation we are able to offer in-school semester long expanded learning programs for our school partners.

Vergennes FUSION After-School Programs

Mt Abe SeaPerch Building, Spring, 2016

Please call (802) 475-2022 ext 101 or email to book your educational program or for more information about any of our exciting programs and school partnerships.

LCMMRI is proud to be an AmeriCorps Member Site