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2014 Courses and Workshops

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Especially for Kids - Summer Programs for Kids

We offer a whole range of summer programs for kids: Read about them all here.



Underwater Robotics Summer Camp

Underwater Robotics Summer Camp

2015 Dates TBA
Cost: $550 Need-based scholarships available.
Teens -- work together to equip a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with accessories and top-of-the-line navigation/guidance software over the course of a fun-filled week. Then launch it in Lake Champlain on a deep-water mission that you help design. LCMM is proud to be partnering with Greensea Systems of Richmond, Vermont, who are software and technology experts in underwater robotics.
Read more about the Underwater Robotics Summer Camp!



We have a whole page dedicated to our Blacksmithing Opportunities - here are just a few:

Annual Hammer-In -- May 31, 2014
Blacksmiths and metalworkers from Vermont and beyond gather at the Blacksmithing Arts Center to exchange information and compare work. We are delighted to have Greg Gehner of Transit Forge in Cambridge Springs, PA as featured demonstrator this year! Museum visitors are welcome to observe the workshop and other presentations and chat with participants. Read more about the Blacksmith Hammer-In.


Decorative Blacksmithing Warren Reinhart
This two day course is designed for experienced blacksmiths looking to learn new techniques to create beautiful works of art in metal. The focus will be on sculptural pieces, and the instructor will work with you to create your own distinctive design. When registering for the course, please have a project or idea in mind. At the end of the course, you will bring your unique piece home with you.
Date: September 20-21, 2014; Cost: $ 215 ($193 LCMM Members)


Blacksmithing Courses

Teen Basic Blacksmithing Robert Wetzel
Teens ages 14-17 will learn management of a traditional blacksmiths forge and the techniques of shaping hot iron into useful or decorative items. No previous experience required.
Dates: June 28-29, 2014; Cost: $165 ($148 LCMM Members)
Dates: August 2-3, 2014; Cost: $165 ($148 LCMM Members)

Basic Blacksmithing - Peter Wells
This introductory workshop will acquaint you with the basic metallurgy of ferrous metals, the  management of a coal forge and the manipulation of iron and steel into useful and/or decorative objects using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques. Expect to finish with several examples of your newly acquired skills. 2 or 3 day classes.
2 Day July 12-13, 2014; Cost $215.00 ($193 LCMM Members)
3 Day July 25-27, 2014; Cost $280.00 ($252 LCMM Members)

Blacksmithing Projects - Peter Wells
Open to students with previous forging experience, an opportunity to enhance your skills, explore new techniques, and perhaps create an heirloom.
Dates: August 9-10, 2014; Cost $215 ($193 LCMM Members)

Eventbrite - Hinges, Hasps, and Handles Hinges, Hasps and Handles - Peter Wells
This workshop is for students with  previous experience in basic forging techniques. The emphasis will be on the creation of simple hardware suitable for your handmade doors, trunks, cabinets, etc. You will be introduced to a variety of possible designs and with persistence, you should complete the workshop with a selection of your own heirloom hardware.
Dates: August 16-17, 2014; Cost $215 ($193 LCMM Members)


Knives made at a recent bladesmithing course
Knives made at a recent bladesmithing course.

Basic Bladesmithing Robert Bordeaux
This two-day course will teach students how to forge a hidden tang knife blade including the basics of how to heat treat and temper blades. Each student goes home with a complete knife. 9:30am – 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday. Offered seven times this season! 
Select from these 2014 Dates April 19-20; May 17-18; June 21-22; July 19-20; August 30-31; September 27-28; October 18-19
$175 ($157 LCMM Members)




Bronzecasting 101
Bronzecasting 101

Bronze Casting 101 Richard Butz
Ever wanted to make objects in bronze? During this hands-on workshop you will learn how to assemble or make the equipment necessary to operate a small foundry using the sand casting method. Limited to 6 participants – a great opportunity for a parent-child (12+) experience.
Date August 2, 2014; Cost $175 ($157 LCMM Members)



Champlain Discovery (For Teens)

LCMM Staff
This exciting co-educational program will give ten individuals, age 13–16, the opportunity to build a 17' sea kayak, then launch their newly built boats and embark on a 10-day paddling and camping exploration of Lake Champlain. Students own the kayak they build upon completion of the program.

CD participants build their kayaks
Building the kayaks.

Boat Building The first three weeks will be a day-program (students are responsible for transportation during this part of the program) held at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. During this segment students will build their kayaks as well as learn kayaking and wilderness skills. Students also choose, and take part in, a variety of sports and group activities. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Kayaking and Camping This 10-day kayaking adventure will launch from Whitehall, NY and head north on Lake Champlain, to Burlington, VT. Paddling and camping will be interspersed with visits to sites of historical and ecological significance. Champlain Discovery is a challenging program, offering an opportunity for great personal growth. We will be living outdoors for the 11-day trip, whatever the weather. We may paddle many miles in a day, with winds that may or may not cooperate. Everyone will share responsibility for cooking, cleaning, personal and group safety. Champlain Discovery strives to create a challenging and supportive environment.

Read More about Champlain Discovery & watch the video!

CD participants try out their kayak

June 22 July 25, 2015

Cost Full tuition is $2,950, which includes all instruction, kayak materials, food and use of major camping equipment during the kayaking and camping portion of the program.

LCMM offers scholarships for qualified students with financial need. Email or Print & Mail the 2015 Application to Nick Patch:
LCMM, 4472 Basin Harbor Rd, Vergennes, VT 05491


Family Boat Building: Build the Six Hour Canoe or the Black Rock Skimmer
Richard Butz
and Don Dewees

Black Rock Skimmer (left) and Six Hour Canoe (right)
Black Rock Skimmer (left) is intended for rowing so the
occupant sits facing toward the stern.  Because of its wider
beam it can be used by two adults, canoe-style. The
tombstone stern will even accept a small electric motor.
Completed weight in basic dress: 90 pounds.
The Six Hour Canoe (right) is intended for a single paddler
who sits facing forward kayak-style using a double paddle. It
may also be used by several children, like a canoe, with single
paddles each. Completed weight in basic dress: 45 pounds.
Click to enlarge photo.

Each 15’ boat offers great opportunities for parents and kids to work together. Engage in a project that builds self confidence with tools, and develops processes (not always common in modern classrooms). It can even help parents bond with their kids. The boats are built of marine plywood and are coated with epoxy for durability.  Construction is traditional, using dimensional lumber and bronze fastenings.  Both boats are seaworthy and stable but are intended for quiet waters. Floatation can be added, as is the case in the Six Hour Canoe pictured. And, a number of builders have added extended decks and bulkheads for storage when camp/cruising. Each can be easily car-topped.

During the three-day workshop participants lay out the lines, construct the parts, assemble the boats and sand them, ready for finishing when they get home.  All tools and supplies for construction are included (finishes are supplied by the participants) and patient instruction is guaranteed.

Dates: July 18-20, 2014
Cost: $300, plus cost of materials: $275 for Six-Hour Canoe; $350 for Black Rock Skimmer


Digital Photography


Low Light Photography Kris Jarrett
An introduction/intermediate level course in low light and night photography using any level of camera equipment.
This course will introduce participants to the world of photography that begins when the sun goes down. We will cover equipment needs and how to make what you have work for you, subject selection, shooting techniques, and post processing tips to get the most out of your low light photographs.  We will discuss event photography in dim venues, land and cityscapes after dark, and astrophotography (stars and other night sky objects).
Course requirements: a digital camera of any quality (film will not be covered in this course).
Optional (bring if you already own): Tripod, laptop with editing software.
Date: Saturday, July 12, 2014. 1pm-10 pm. Cost: $190; ($175 for LCMM Members)
Minimum 6 students, maximum 15.

Other Courses

Field Trips & Natural History


Seeds of Renewal Frederick M. Wiseman, PhD and Melody Brook
Preregistration NOT required. The discovery of an unknown corn cultivar in upland New Hampshire in 2006 began a search for crop seed that originated in the Wabanaki area of the Far Northeast.  A few varieties such as "Calais" corn and "Jacobs Cattle" beans were known, but by 2013, well over a dozen little-known or unknown crops had been tracked town and planted by Native people.  However, the Koasek Abenakis of the Upper Connecticut River Valley wanted to rebuild their shattered agriculture as a system, not just as a set of crop plants.  Research completed in 2011 during application for state recognition under Vermont's new law revealed a wealth of agriculture technique still in practice or within living memory -- from multi-level mounds and streamside channelized ridged cropping systems, to wisps of remaining lore regarding agricultural ceremony, song and dance.  Beginning in late 2011, professors Brook and Wiseman compared this recent oral history with historical documented practice, especially from the 17th century, as well as ethnographic data from adjacent cultures such as the Eastern Abenakis of Maine.  In this way they were able to piece together an outline of an agricultural calendar, complete with technical and ritual components of field preparation, planting, nurture, harvest and cuisine.  From January to November 2013, Brook and Wiseman helped the Koaseks reconnect to their agricultural heritage, leading to unexpected results -- from a woman's professional singing group to a dedicated cropping and ceremonial space for the Tribe.  Professors Brook and Wiseman will share this exciting, breakout cultural/botanical phenomenon in a 1.5 hour presentation with slides, video and botanical displays of the newly discovered crops.
Date Wednesday June 18, 6:30-8:30pm
Cost $5 suggested donation. Preregistration NOT required.


Paddle to Prehistory Matt Witten and Ben Mayock
Come paddle back in time and visit an ancient Native American village near the confluence of Dead Creek and Otter Creek – an area that was at one time one of the most prized and active Native American campsites and settlements in all of Vermont. We will canoe a short distance on Otter Creek (known to early European settlers as “The Indian Road”), explore the marshes of Dead Creek, and take out at a spot that shows ample evidence of Native American habitation. Matt Witten and Ben Mayock are experienced on-water guides, and are enthusiastic to share their knowledge of wildlife, ecology, and history.
Date Sun. June 29, 2014, 9:30- 12:30
$25 Adults; $15 Youth ($22/13 LCMM Members)


Wind, Oar and Explore
Ages 12 - 16. We are excited to partner with the Community Sailing Center in Burlington, VT for a week-long daycamp for kids ages 12-16, offering adventure and excitement throughout Burlington Bay. Participants will challenge their strength by rowing hand-built, wooden pilot gigs like the early explorers did on Lake Champlain. Participants may adventure to neighboring islands and beaches and spend the other half of their day learning the fundamental skills of sailing small boats on Lake Champlain. For session I, campers should be dropped off at the Community Sailing Center and picked up at Perkins Pier. For session II, campers should be dropped off at Perkins Pier and picked up at the Community Sailing Center. To sign up for this program, head to the Community Sailing Center!
Date: August 4-8, 2014, 9am - 4pm
Cost $350, (sorry no Members discount on this course).
Register at the Community Sailing Center.

Wind, Oar, and Explore with the Community Sailing Center



Community Rowing
Ages 18 and up. The Community Rowing Club offers adult rowing every week May through October. Community members sign up to experience the beauty of Lake Champlain while getting a great physical workout. Adult community teams also participate in regional rowing competitions. Learn about all our Rowing Opportunities. Only Members of LCMM are eligible to participate in Community Rowing. Your $60 Rowing Club fee allows you to join any of our weekly rows for the whole season.
Not sure if it's right for you? Just join us for a row!
Contact Karen Gallott at (802) 475-2022, ext 121 or


Chart Your Own Course

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is expanding its roster of courses and workshops – and helping you fit them into your busy life!  No more cancelled classes or inconvenient times.  How does this work? When you find a program below that interests you, call 802 475-2022 to be placed on the class list. When the minimum number of people has registered, LCMM will work with the instructor to determine a mutually convenient time and cost for the program. 

Build…an Abenaki Crooked Knife, a Birch Bark Container, a Six Board Chest, a Shaker Bench, a Windsor Work Stool, a miniature Bark Canoe, a Market Basket, a Brown Ash Pack Basket, an Adirondack Pack Basket etc.

Learn…basic sailboat handling, boat restoration, bronze casting, colonial crafts, digital photography and digital “darkroom” skills, paddle making, letter carving, lofting, seamanship, snorkeling, basic first aid, timber framing etc.

Don’t see what you want? This list of courses is a starting point.  When you visit the museum, you will meet staff members, guest speakers and presenters at Special Events who offer learning opportunities on the spot – or you can sign up for a more in-depth class, workshop or lecture in the future.


Course Registration
You are registered for a class when we receive your full payment. You can enroll by calling 802-475-2022, ext 101, between 9:00–4:30, M–F. We accept Master Card, Visa, check or money order.

Unless otherwise noted, our courses are offered at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum's campus at Basin Harbor. Classroom space is available for slide presentations, lectures and discussions. Bring clothes suitable to your course and the weather. Foul weather gear and sun protection are a necessity for on-water activities. Work clothes are appropriate for shop activities. Parking is available at all sites. Bring a lunch and water bottle each day.

All courses are co-educational and are open to both novices and advanced students. The main requirement is a desire to learn. We keep our courses small so that there is plenty of one-on-one time with instructors. A basic knowledge of hand tools is helpful for boat building courses but is not essential. If you have specific questions about a course, please call 802-475-2022 or e-mail and we would be happy to connect you with the instructor.

Cancellation and Refunds
We consider that you are registered for a course or workshop when we receive your full payment. You may enroll by calling us at (802) 475-2022 during regular office hours. To receive a full refund, you must cancel at least one week in advance of the course. If LCMM cancels a course for any reason, you will be issued a full refund.